How do I digitally sign content with the Viewer?

When a piece of content can be signed, you will see a button labeled "Click to Sign" on the Content Details page.


Content that accepts signature


When you tap on the "Click to Sign" button, a dialog box requesting your password will pop up as shown below. The text that is displayed above the password entry field in the dialog box is determined by your content manager (Management Console Admin). Please be sure that you understand what you are agreeing to/verifying when you sign a piece of content. Enter your ARALOC password and tap "Submit" to sign the document.

ESignature Dialog

After signing a piece of content, by putting in your password and clicking submit, you will be included in a report of users who signed the content. This report is available to admins on the ARALOC Management Console. After you have signed the document you will see that the button labeled "Click to Sign" has changed to "Signed," as shown below.


Content Details view with Signed content