March 24, 2022 Update

This week we updated both the Sensitive Content Manager admin and Publishing portals at and  


There are three major updates:

  1. The default email for notifications (password resets, manual email blasts, alerts etc) has changed from to

Please make sure your organization has whitelisted the domain for emails. If you are missing an email, please check your spam filter or let us know so we can investigate on our end.


2. By popular demand, a new Export feature has been added! Full administrators will see this new button in SCM by default. No other system roles will see this new feature unless you explicitly add the new “Can Export Content” Permission to their system role in the admin console. Exporting allows you to re-download a zip file containing the original unencrypted content. You can then choose to leave the content in SCM or then delete it if the system user has delete permissions.



For Custom Enterprise customers, to add this permission to any system role, you would go to the admin console and click on Settings > System Roles > Permissions. Click here: for more documentation. For those on the unbranded service, if you would like to add this to any other role, please let us know.





3. Introducing: we now have a web based viewer! If you would like for users to be able to view content directly on the web, rather than thru a specific iOS, Android, PC or Mac App, we can make this functionality available to your organization thru a custom interface. If you are interested, please reach out to or open a ticket to request this on our support portal. We would be happy to show you a demo! 



As always, if you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions – you can always email us or add them at