Gravity Forms GDPR add-on


This article is written in collaboration with a law agency. However, it is intended for general information purposes only. It does not constitute a client-attorney relationship or personalized legal advice.

We’ve released a separate (free) add-on for Gravity Forms! Get it from the official WordPress plugin repository here. Anonymization and consent tracking features are not yet available, but they are scheduled in a future release. However, downloading and deleting data works! Sign up to the newsletter and we’ll let you know when the plugin is updated!

The plugin works by adding a “Privacy” tab to each Gravity form.

In the tab, you will need to select which field is the primary email address field used for identifying your data subjects (this is necessary because there might be multiple email fields in one form). You can also exclude a form from automatic data download or deletion.

“But why no automatic consent checkboxes?”
That’s because all forms might not need consent checkboxes (check the chapter on legal grounds). In addition to that, every consent checkbox should describe why the data is gathered, what it’s used for and for how long it is stored (with exceptions, of course). So adding something automatically doesn’t make much sense here. However, we are considering adding a “guided” acceptance field type with reminders of what GDPR requires and maybe some examples. Sign up to the newsletter and we’ll let you know when the plugin is updated!