Dynamic Conversion Values

One of our most requested features has arrived.

Now you can track different parameters inside your tracking conversion pixel.

In fact, you can pass dynamically different values to tracking codes.

These parameters are useful to track the exact revenue a certain campaign has generated, or to know exactly which product has been sold.

The parameters are integrated with WooCommerce and with Easy Digital Downloads.

Below are the official lists of available parameters:

@@ORDERID@@: return the order ID number

@@CURRENCY@@: return the currency

@@FULLNAME@@: return the customer’s full name

@@EMAIL@@: return the email

@@PRODUCTS@@: return the name of products bought, separated by comma

@@AMOUNT@@: return amount of the cart payment, tax and shipping excluded

@@TAX@@: return the amount of the tax in the purchase, shipping excluded

@@TOTAL@@: return the total amount of the purchase, tax and shipping included

Using these parameters is really simple – just put the parameter in the right place in your tracking code. See the example below. 

We have two examples: the first one, the Facebook Pixel, and then the conversion tracking of Google Adwords.

Dynamic conversion values with the Facebook Pixel

Recently, Facebook added a lot of new stuff to its tracking pixel. Now, people are asking HOW to use the new Facebook standard events for better tracking. 

Here's how.

This is the classic Facebook Pixel you can use on every page, used for custom audiences.

What you need to insert in this tracking code are the additional events Facebook offers.

In this particular scenario, we'll use the " Purchase" event.

Facebook gives you the default code, which is:

fbq('track', 'Purchase', {value: '0.00', currency: 'USD'});

In Tracking Code Manager, you have to insert the parameters inside this line:

fbq('track', 'Purchase', {value: '@@TOTAL@@', currency: ' @@CURRENCY@@'});

The final result will be this:

Tracking Code manager will pass these dynamic values to Facebook and you can track the currency and the total amount of the purchase.

Be aware that the example above shows you the Facebook Pixel that has to be inserted ONLY in the conversion thank you page, and NOT on every page of your site.

On every page of your site you shouldn't set any additional events to track conversions.

For advanced and behavioral Facebook custom events, please see our  Custom Audiences Enhancer plugin.

Dynamic conversion values in Google Adwords

The process is identical with Google Adwords. See the screenshot below as an example.

As you can see, you just need to insert the parameter inside this code:

var google_conversion_value = @@TOTAL@@;

Dynamic Conversion values are available in the Tracking Code Manager PRO, Marketer and Hero plans.

Click here to upgrade to Marketer or Hero plan.