Checking that the plugin is working as expected, is a simple task.

Of course, when you’ve just installed and activated your plugin, you won’t have enough data to verify that the plugin is working properly (unless you have 50k or more visits per day).

The fastest way to verify the plugin is using the Fb Pixel Helper, a Google Chrome add-on developed by Facebook to help advertisers check the tracking pixel and conversion pixel.

Note that you must be using Google Chrome to use the FB Pixel Helper.  You can download and install the Fb Pixel Helper here.

Normally, Advertisers see just one tracking script reported by the Pixel Helper, as seen the screenshot below.


With Custom Audience Enhancer enabled, you should see a higher numer when visiting your site’s homepage.

The number you should see will be around 6 or 7.


In an e-commerce page, the number of tracking scripts (the scripts that call the custom events) should be in the range of 16-18.


To make sure that events are being loaded correctly, click on the FB Pixel Helper button.

This will show the names of the events, which should look like the screenshot below.


If you continue to see just 1 tracking script or no tracking scripts, please make sure the plugin is correctly activated, and that our Facebook account is properly connected.

If your account is already connected, clicking the Refresh button should solve the problem, if it doesn’t, please send us an email.

Don’t worry about the page speed

Sixteen tracking scripts loading on your site could be a scary site… but don’t worry, these event scripts are very light-weight, and you won’t notice any change in speed.

To double-check, please visit  PingDom Tools and test your site with and without our plugin ;).

About some FB Pixel Helper Errors

You’ll notice that the FB Pixel Helper will throw some errors. This is because the Pixel Helper reports an error for every event that is not called immediately, loaded slowly, or loaded more than one time.


This is not a plugin error because some events will only activate after the visitor has scrolled to selected percentage (e.g. 70%).

Don’t worry about the error,  the event will still be sent correctly to Facebook. Of course, we do hope that Facebook will update their Pixel Helper add-on ASAP :).