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How-To & Frequently Asked Questions

Publish Sensitive Content with Sensitive Content Manager

What file types does ARALOC® / SCM support?

We are constantly working to update ARALOC® with all possible file types. At present ARALOC supports the following file types:



More will be added over time so check back regularly. Also keep in mind that file types are sometimes limited by the display device. For instance, the iPhone does not support Flash, Mac does not support wmv, etc. Please keep your target device in mind when protecting your content through ARALOC.


Why are some files not being published?

Unsupported file types will be ignored by the Publisher. 

How much space do the encrypted files take up?

The encrypted files take up about the same amount of room as the original files.

How long is my encrypted content good for?

The encrypted files remain encrypted for as long as you want to keep them, and will be accessible using ARALOC as long as your subscription is active and the content record remains valid.

Can I alter Content rights once the content has been published?

Yes, by signing in to the ARALOC Management Console, you can select a piece of content and change its rights and user access instantaneously.

How can I encrypt a web page?

You would need to save the page as HTML. When uploading the page to the publisher, remember to upload the folder that is created with it, as it will be necessary to view the page normally.

How do I publish large image files?

At the moment, pictures must be resized before they are encrypted, otherwise they will appear in their original size in the viewing application.

Once my files are encrypted, who has them?

Once your files are encrypted, you have possession of those encrypted files, as well as your original files. At no point does ARALOC have possession of your original content. If you select ARALOC hosting then your encrypted files will be hosted. Your encrypted content will also be held by anyone you distribute it to, however, they can only view it to the extent that you permit them.