How do I provision access to my users with Single Sign On in Azure Active Directory?

Provisioning Access In Azure

This assumes that someone has granted the application access and added it to the organization already.

  1. Navigate to and log into the tenant that is accessing the application.

  2. Click the “More Services” icon to view all services, then use the “Filter Services” to search for “Azure Active Directory”.

    Select Azure Active Directory from the list of services.

  3. Navigate to the Enterprise Applications option on the side bar menu of the Azure Active Directory page.

  4. Start typing Data443 in the search bar, once “Data443 Single Sign On” appears in the list then select that option.

  5. Navigate to the Users and Groups option on the side bar menu of the enterprise application.

  6. Click the Add User/Group button.

  7. Select “Users and groups”, search for any user(s) you would like to add, choose them from the list and click the “Select” button.

  8. Select “Select a role”, choose a role you would like to assign to the selected user from the previous view and click the “Select” button.

    Administrator = Any users assigned to this role will have access to the admin portal and web publisher.
    Viewer = Any users assigned to this role will only have access to the web viewer.


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