Getting Started with Custom Audiences Enhancer

Custom Audiences Enhancer is a WordPress plugin that give you the abilities to extend Facebook Ads potentiality by tracking behavioral information of your website visitors.

Custom Audiences Enhancer use advanced custom events and parameters of the Facebook Tracking pixel, sending to Facebook valuable tracking information. Once these data are sent to Facebook, you can use that information to create Website Custom Audiences (WCA) and use them to create super targeted Facebook Ads Campaigns.

From now on, in this documentation we’ll use these abbreviations:

  • Custom Audiences Enhancer= CAE

  • Website Custom Audiences= WCA

For example, you can create a super engaged WCA targeting people who visit at least 2 page of your site and scrolled 80% on them. This WCA will reach high results on Facebook, becoming viral and increasing trust with your potential customers.

Let’s get started

First of all, if you’ve NEVER created a WCA until now, you should accept the Terms for Custom Audience from your Mobile App and Website. ( here the link).

  • You MUST accept these Facebook Terms before use CAE plugin. If you have already created at least one WCA, don’t worry, you’ve already accepted. If not, please follow the instruction below.

If it’s the first time you use WCA, please follow the following step to let everything working.

Go to Tools => Audiences inside your Ads Manager (on Here the link:

Create your first WCA

Doesn’t matter how you create the WCA, this step is required ONLY for accepting the Facebook Terms.

Now Facebook asks you to accept their Terms. Just select the checkbox and go on.

Now you’re ready to use Custom Audiences Enhancer!

Here a video that show you the next steps, or you can continue to read this doc.

The next step is download and install CAE plugin on your WordPress site.

Once installed, activate it and put your license key. You can find your license key inside the order email or in  your account.

Once activated, you have to connect to CAE Facebook app.

  • You have to connect the Facebook profile that manages your Facebook ADS account. The Facebook ADS account you connect to CAE must be the one you’d like to use to promote the website.

CAE Facebook app will ask authorization that must be granted to let plugins works.


  • see yours private information

  • use your Facebook account’s data

  • post on your profile/pages

You’re done!

If everything is done correctly, you’ll see some information about your Facebook account just connected.

If you can’t see these pieces of information, you should try to reconnect to Facebook. In case, you get errors, please  drop us a line telling which error appears.

Now you can continue  setting up CAE.